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Our firm follows this policy. One of the main directions of our activity is designing and delivery of the modern equipment of individual production for concrete conditions of a concrete mining enterprise, together with electrical equipment and engineering service. Here the critical goal is to satisfy the customer’s needs and concern as much as possible.

The technical service we suggest includes:
• Development of the technical project for a hoist machine or a fan after it’s agreed with the customer, general manufacturers and supervision bodies,
• Development of design documentation and construction objective for mechanical part of a hoist machine or a fan,
• Development of detail design for electric drive, control system, automation and protection of a hoisting installation or a fan,
• Complete or separate delivery according to the developed project,
• Equipment erection consulting,
• Personnel training, field supervision at initial stage of operation,
• Warranty service.
Our firm designs and makes complete deliveries of the special hoist machines of individual production as follows:
• single- and double-drum hoists, mounted on surface or underground,
• hoists with a split drum, 
• friction hoists mounted on a head-frame or on surface.
We deal with fan installations of main ventilation, of serial or individual production:
• two-stage axial fans equipped with the air stream reversing set,
• one- and two-stage centrifugal fans with the air stream reversing set.
We also carry out the total work package on modernization of both mechanical and electric parts of mine hoist machines and main aeration fans for mines which are in operation.
Advanced models of our equipment have the following distinctive features:
For mine hoist machines:
• hydraulic disc brakes of high pressure,
• thyristor electric drive (AC or DC) with microprocessor control,
• hoist control system based on a central microprocessor controller and HMI computers, with automatic adjustment of hoisting cycle,
• monitoring of conveyance hoisting parameters based on specific microprocessor control device (Advant Hoist Monitor) that completely substitutes any electromechanical devices such as AZK, 
• microprocessor system of shaft signaling, communication and control, including radio communication with conveyance.
For fan installations:
• air stream regulation by means of a rotary switch,
• controlled AC electric drive (thyristor frequency converter with microprocessor control), 
• computer system of control, automation and dispatching.
In order to reduce the equipment price, basic construction units of our hoists’ mechanical part are designed basing on the most reliable and proven units of rather inexpensive serial hoist machines manufactured at the Ukrainian factories. 
To achieve the maximal safety and overall performance of a hoist installation, the systems and modules of the world’s best manufacturers of mine hoist equipment are used in the most crucial components of our hoist machines.
At the customer’s option, hoist machines can be equipped with traditional radial brakes, or disc brake systems high and low pressure designed by our firm.
Application of disc brakes allows a useful increase of operation safety of hoist installations. Disc brakes if compared with radial brakes are more reliable, they have higher automation level due to microprocessor hoist controllers. In both cases they provide high stopping accuracy, direct the information to operator’s PC, diagnose the malfunctions, monitor the safety circuit, realize controlled safety braking with delay monitoring, perform periodical checks of hoisting, keep record of the hoist operating time and the like.
Combination of domestic and foreign equipment allows to get the end-product with an optimum “Price-Quality” ratio.
Our general customers are: “Kazakhmys” corporation, “Kazchrome” corporation, OS “Kazzinc” (Kazakhstan republic), SC “Alrosa”, OS “SUBR”,  OS “Silvinit”, OS “Buryatzoloto” (Russian Federation). 

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