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OJSC Krivoy Rog iron ore enterprise, Zarya mine

The development purpose is equipping of the skip hoist installation at the “Zarya” mine of OJSC “Krivoy Rog iron ore enterprise”, Krivoy Rog, with modern reliable friction hoist machine CSh4x8D, gearless fulfillment, instead of the existing exhausted hoist machine MK4x8, which has the radial drum brakes system. The mechanical part of the new hoist is equipped with the disc multi-element hydraulic brakes of normally-closed type. The hoist machine has an AC slow-speed main motor of console fulfillment. The electric part of the hoists is equipped with modern electric drive systems, microprocessor systems of control, protection, diagnostics and operation with advanced Human-Machine Interface. The shaft system of signaling, communication and hoist control bases on microprocessor controllers with application of special shaft communication cables.

This development has resulted in the high level of hoisting safety due to multi-element structure and high-speed action of the disc brakes, as well as in high level of automation and self-descriptiveness of control systems due to application of microprocessor techniques.

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