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Efforts, time and funds are saved due to DriveWindow powerful programming complex, applied for adjustment, current control and support of the drive system, search and elimination of malfunctions, maintenance service and repair, and also for the personnel training. The basic tool of a setup-man is a portable PC with DriveWindow. The setup is basically carried out via input on the keyboard of the structured set of parameters describing the drive. The DriveWindow complex provides the clear graphic display, computer oscillography and documenting of electromechanical transient processes in the drive. Several variables are fixed simultaneously at the user’s option.

ControlIT Builder package is used for programming on the basis of the functional units set. The program contains the extensive library of standard functional units for creation of the customer’s specific applications. The special application software is created from the program pattern which itself is also the application software. The documentation is conveniently created during programming.
Digital control provides the detailed diagnostics. Search of malfunctions is facilitated by means of DriveWindow and CDP 312 control panel. The drive control and protection system is configured and adjusted with the help of parameters set. The parameters values are changed using the control panel delivered as a part of the drive, or via the PC with Drive Window software.
The parameters can be set both individually, and using the ready sets of parameters optimized for various operating modes of the drive.

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Exchange of the mine hoist machine at Krivoi Rog iron ore complex (KJRK PSC)

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Main aeration fan installation for Kazzinc SC

At Belkina-2 mine of Kazzinc SC the fan installation with a single stage axial fan VO-30VK manufactured... »
Replacement of main part of the hoist machine

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