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Automated control system

The automated control and supervision system of main aeration fans ACSS MAF is intended for automated control of the MAF installations drives in the auto and local operating modes.

ACSS MAF provides:

  • Supervision, diagnostics, protection and condition signaling,
  • Display of the MAF units current condition and of the technological processes parameters on operator’s and dispatcher’s PCs,
  • Control from operator’s or dispatcher’s desks via radio channel or modem communication,
  • Accumulation of the data when the radio communication is out and the data transfer to the dispatcher’s desk after its activation,
  • Storing of the data concerning the MAF units condition and values of controlled parameters of technological processes and their display on request on operator's and dispatcher’s desks as diagrams,
  • Reliable operation without constant presence of the personnel.
ACSS MAF provides:
  • Local and remote control,
  • Injection of light and sound warning signals,
  • Emergency switching-off and stop of the fan by the personnel from the hoist room at any operating mode,
  • Necessary protections, blocking and signaling.
ACSS MAF has modular expandable structure. The number of control actions, discrete and analogue signals can be changed on the technology requirements.
The structure of the automated control and supervision system of main aeration fans is given on the figure below.

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