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Main aeration mine fans, axial, single-stage

Axial single-stage VO-series fans are intended for mine fan installations of main aeration and may be applied in ventilation systems in metallurgical, chemical and other industries. 

The type-and-dimension series of fans includes non-reverse fans VO-18VK, VO-21VK, VO-24VK, VO-30VK, VO-35VK, VO-40VK, VO-50VK, and reverse fans of the same type-and-dimension series with impeller diameters from 1800 to 5000 mm. 

VO-series fans provide air flow of 30 to 1670 m3/s at pressure (depression) of 60 to 1000 daPa, covering the operation ranges of all the axial and centrifugal fans manufactured in CIS at present. 

MIDIEL Ltd. delivers suction and flow installations with one or two reverse or non-reverse fans. KSRP (a complete set of means for air flow reversing and transfer from a working fan to a stand-by) can be represented by lids and doors of various designs. The fan installations and KSRPs are protected by patents of Ukraine No. 21884, 21885, 24559, 26694, 31882, 50001. An installation with centrifugal fans can be replaced by axial fans, with preservation of the existing constructions and partial use of channels and KSRP. 

Reverse fans can be also used for replacement of existing two-stage axial VOD-series fans with installation on the existing foundations and channels, and non-reverse fans – instead of VOKD-series fans. 

Efficiency of non-reverse fans is 5-7% higher than of reverse ones, the non-reverse fans design is also simpler – no rotary blades of casing devices, and flow possibility at reverse is up to 90% of direct operation flow. The maximum static efficiency of non-reverse fans is 87-89%. 

MIDIEL Ltd. together with FlaktWoods AB (Sweden) are manufacturing the fans mechanical equipment. 

By main technical requirements VO-series fans correspond to GOST 11004-84, rotors and transmission shafts correspond to DIN, SS, BS, ASTM, AMSA, ISO, EN, Flakt Woods standards. 

Fans are delivered according to performance specifications.

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